February 21, 2018

Rainy Coffee Date


There’s nothing quite like a late February day in the Midwest. You never know if the weather will be sunny and warm or cold and snowy. Mother nature sure teased us again today, as the temperatures were in the mid 60s (!) but cloudy and rainy. I don’t mind rain, especially when it’s warm, but it threw a wrench in my plans when it cut out the internet. With so much work to do, the lady and I decided to take our work over to a newish coffee shop right on the corner, for a rainy coffee date.

Department of Coffee and Social Affairs is a British coffee shop chain that recently opened up their first location in Chicago. I don’t remember hearing a lot of hype about the new shop, but then again, I’m not always clued into the latest social news. Either way, the coffee was good, albeit a bit expensive ($10 for two 12oz cold brews). Maybe that’s why there weren’t many people in the place, granted the rain probably kept them away as well. Unfortunately, the weather had knocked out the internet there as well, so I took a work break and shot some photos instead. Enjoy!